London Vintage: Timeless Scents, Modern Vibes. Unisex Elegance in Every Spritz!"

Top Notes

Italian Bergamot, Apple and Pink Pepper

Heart Notes

Raspberry, White Amber and Lily Of The Valley

Base Notes

Leather, Vetiver and Dry Woods

Step into the world of refined elegance with “London Vintage,” a captivating eau de parfum meticulously crafted for both men and women. This exquisite fragrance, housed in a generous 100 ml bottle, invites you to indulge in a sensory journey.

At the forefront, the top notes dance with the invigorating essence of Italian bergamot, crisp apple, and a touch of pink pepper. A harmonious transition ensues, revealing the heart notes where the delicate tones of raspberry, white amber, and lily of the valley create a symphony of alluring scents.

Delve deeper into sophistication with the lingering base notes of leather, vetiver, and dry woods. These rich and evocative elements provide a lasting foundation, ensuring that London Vintage leaves an indelible impression.

Experience the perfect union of tradition and modernity with this versatile fragrance. London Vintage is more than a perfume; it’s an ode to timeless style. Elevate your senses and make a statement with this signature scent that transcends gender boundaries. Discover the allure of London Vintage – where sophistication meets individuality.